Residential Letting

We are of the opinion that the environment within which a landlord or tenant has to secure a successful lease has dramatically changed and become extremely complex. A number of Acts impact on the relationship between landlord and tenant. Combined with the volatility of persons who very often aimed to gain financial advantage over the other, against a backdrop of an economic downturn, soon result in a very unhappy experience. We want to believe that we have the knowledge to guide our clients to a more satisfactory outcome.


Property Rentals

We offer tailor made packages of services, summarized in the following value propositions:

Phase 1: Finding and Placing a Tenant

Rental Property Listing




Tenant Screening


Closing the deal


Lease Preparation


Placement, orientation and vesting of new tenant


Phase 2: Property Management and Value Added Services


Registered and externally audit trust account


Rental collection and distribution


Tenant Default Management and disciplinary process


Utility Account Management


Ad –hoc Inspections as an optional extra


Maintenance Management


Emergency Response 24/7


Management of insurance claims


Management of Project Plans


Lease renewals and rental income assessment


Exit Rental Management




Costs to Landlord

- A Placement Fee per lease. If a lease is terminated within the initial 12 months period, you do not pay and a second placement fee ;

- 10% Monthly rental management fee amount;What Are The Rental Property Fees Most Landlords Pay?

- For any unlisted Ad hoc services - as per agreement.


Incentive: Where multiple letting is applicable, (i.e. more than one property, the Placement Fee falls away). For more than two properties placed with us, the monthly rental fee of the third and following leases will reduce to 8% per property.


A once-off rental placement, i.e. only Phase 1, or privatization (take-over by landlord) of the lease at any stage of the term, also at expiration date, will cost 8% of 12 months’ rent, agreed to as a fair and market related purchase sum.

Rental Maintenance:

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