Benefits of Property Management/Administration

There are many benefits of appointing a Property Management/Administration Company to look after your property.

Looking after a property in which you do not live in or managing a complex could be a very time-consuming job.

Also without the general knowledge and experience, you might find yourself overlooking certain things you never have thought of.

Below we highlight a few of the benefits.

Facilities and Buildings

To keep everything running smoothly, a management company that has a reliable network of service providers is an absolute must.

As they will respond quickly to emergencies and take care of scheduled maintenance, such as painters,
plumbers, electricians, landscapers, cleaning and security services.

Communication and Governance

Secondly, someone to take care of the administration side of things is just as important.

We all have busy schedules and don’t always have time to attend additional meetings and appointments, having a Management company takes care of this for you.

Communication is such an important aspect of running a complex and this is also taken care of as it is part of the Management Companies duties to communicate to owners on the trustee’s behalf and also to set up and run general meetings.

Another benefit is that most management companies are able to assist with routine administration as well in terms of being able to source professional service providers such as attorneys, labor relation experts, and auditors.

Common areas in a Complex

The common areas in a complex include the staircases, gates, pool, gym, and gardens.

It is the Body Corporates responsibility or the managing agents appointed.

Choosing to let a Managing company do the administration includes the assurance that everything runs smoothly, especially the spaces that are shared or common property.


Another benefit of having a managing company is that they handle all repairs and maintenance, they also deal with all the phone calls and complaints regarding maintenance issues.

And of course the general upkeep.

This offers you peace of mind that all is well taken care of.

Safety and security

Another benefit is that the managing agent also implements the required security measures.  Therefore, giving you more peace of mind that your investment is well looked after and protected.

Here at Tencents Properties, we take a lot of pride in our work and we value each and every client. For more information about our Property Management Service please visit our webpage.